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My name is Sergei Sergejev (Estonian passport name), or Sergey Sergeev in English, or Сегрей Сергеев in original Russian-cyrillic.

This blog was launched in 2006 as a place to share setup of linux on my laptop. Back then it was hell of experience – not everything worked and you needed to fix stuff with google and a hammer. Now it just works and I’m enjoying my Ubuntu. ssergeje was my username in university, it sucks, but I don’t want to break the links. Otherwise I’m ‘sserzant’ in most online places.

I studied IT Systems Development at Estonian IT College. It happened that developing was not my passion. Instead I really liked scripting (Bash, Python), creating documentation (wikis, tables and reports), making analysis (UX, critical thinking, diagrams) and reviews. This way, I became a software tester in April 2007. Simple, stable and useful software is my goal, I find it’s my mission to protect customer from errors and problems.

Seeing how issues in software development process and in people interactions affect quality, I naturally became very interested in software development methodologies and personal efficiency.

You can find me on:


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