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My name is Sergei Sergejev (Estonian), or Sergey Sergeev in English, or Сегрей Сергеев in original Russian-cyrillic.

This blog was launched in 2006 as a place to share setup of linux on my laptop. Back then it was hell of experience – not everything worked and you needed to fix stuff with google and a hammer. Now it just works and I’m enjoying my Ubuntu.

I studied IT Systems Development at Estonian IT College. It happened that developing was not my passion. Instead I really liked scripting (Python), creating documentation (wikis, tables and reports), making analysis (UX, critical thinking) and reviews. This way, I became a software tester in April 2007. Simple, stable and useful software is my goal. I moved towards this goal by finding and reporting problems, focusing on finding user’s needs and thinking out of the box. Being a tester I found it was my duty to protect customer from errors and problems.

I graduated in December 2008 and my thesis was about test automation with Selenium. You can get the diploma here (in Estonian with short English summary). Hard time during thesis work ignited personal productivity studies. I started from keeping my inbox empty and still try to implement GTD, Pomodoro and Franklin planner quadrant.

Not surprisingly I became very interested in Scrum when it was introduced at my work and understood it well. Seeing how issues in a software development process and in people interactions affect quality, being interested in overall process improvement and straightforward about issues I became Agile Coach/Scrum Master in 2011. At the moment I’m learning scrum coaching, do active Scrum Mastering and occasional testing and test automation consultancy.

I enjoy live concerts and rock festivals, car and back-pack traveling and, of course, surfing the Internet and attending conferences :)


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